Since I am starting the process of funding for my latest series (link here to my go fund me should anyone be interested in donating anything) I would like to touch base on the trip that inspired me to take this amazing 6 month loop through the US.  My best friend and I had a goal that last year we would see the Grand Canyon apart of our new years resolutions and we did it.  After months and months of planning to see each other on other trips and not one of them falling through we decided to jump the gun.  So, I bought a plane ticket and flew out to Texas to see her.

Upon arrival we spent one night in Texas, where she currently goes to grad school at,  then the following evening headed out west on the 16 hour car ride through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona to the canyon.  Honestly, out west the amount of time we spent in the car really didn’t make a huge difference to us and for the most part was fascinating since this was the furthest west we both had been.

When we arrived in Arizona the sun was just rising which was beyond gorgeous reflecting off the red sedimentary rocks.  As we bounded our way to the canyon we arrived just a little after 12pm but could not check into our room until 4 (as to why hotels wont change this policy to this day still blows my mind) but we headed in all our 16 hour car ride glory to the canyon just to go ahead and start the adventure and satisfy our itch to shoot.





The canyon is one of the most breathtaking things to see in ones lifetime and I am glad that we both decided to make this trip to see it but not only were we able to view it from the top but we also got the chance to hike down into it on the South Kaibab Trail (photographed below).

Now what was great about hiking this trail was the amazing views and the enamoring feeling about literally being surrounded by this great masterpiece of land.  What was NOT great was getting all the way to the “ooh ahh point” to take pictures and realizing that you only have half a bottle of water left because your best friend spilled half of it on the walk down.  Also, turning around and realizing that you have to go back UP the steps that you walked so easily down with that little water.  Anddddd realizing that you are in the middle of the desert and forgot to bring sunscreen.  Needless to say though, probably the coolest thing to happen upon reaching back to the top after all those factors was coming face to face with a female elk (photographed below).


This was a trip of a lifetime but this was not our only stop out west, stay tuned for more shenanigans in my Part 2 post.  In the meantime here is a film shot I got of some more elk.



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