Welcome back everyone!  I hope this year has brought on great ventures and prospects for everyone of you but I of course kicked it off Nomad style and went out of town for a couple of days to photograph between the low country and in the mountains in the preparation of my latest series Nomad: On The Road.  

Nomad: On The Road is the sister series to my prior project completed in undergrad called Nomad which involved myself out in the rural southern landscape photographing the landscape as well as different objects that I found in the field.  This sister series (Nomad: On The Road) will embody that notion of wandering but will be a much more intensive look of the landscape throughout the United States.  I will be embarking on the road doing a six month loop through the majority of National Parks, landscapes and city-scapes in the nation.  I will be primarily living out of my Jeep Patriot as well as with friends and camping along the way to get the full nomad experience and to really take in the life and culture of each location that I visit.

I hope to show with this series that there is much to see across the U.S. and that our multi-faceted landscapes and cultures are what unite us as a nation and not what divide us. At the end of the day we are the United States of America and not the divided states. The solace, beauty and joy we can all feel throughout this country from Appalachia to the desert deserve a visual pride that we all share with the joy that is our country.

I have begun the imagery for this series on my past road trip to the Grand Canyon.  My best friend and I drove from Dallas all the way to Arizona (16 hours total non-stop) and photographed the canyon as well as Gila National Forest and White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  Below are the images for the start of my series.


I am now calling on you all my loyal followers and friends.  If you have any supplies or know any way you can help me with gathering supplies that I will need for this trip I would much appreciate it.  If you are a brand that is wanting someone to represent your brand as an ambassador, I am open to collaboration and support of any kind!  This is an intensive project that I am embarking on with hopes to show in galleries as well as make into a book after completion of the six months photographing and editing while on the road.  Send me an email on my contact page and lets collab whether you’re Charlotte based or not I want to hear from you and to connect!

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