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If anyone knows of how much I enjoy bourbon wellll its probably only my boyfriend at the moment because for the longest time I HATED IT.  Until I moved into this amazing city and got a chance to try some quality bourbon I never liked the taste of it until now and luckily I am blessed to be in a relationship that we share that love and appreciation of bourbon.  So, when in need of something to do this past Labor Day weekend and every other option to be booked up I decided “hey lets go to the Makers distillery like you wanted for your birthday” and of course my boyfriend jumped for joy at this idea and we took off for Kentucky.

Now explaining this trip to friends did NOT make sense until I told them further that I would be at the birthplace of America’s finest bourbons and would be attending multiple tastings did they started to get the picture.  So as promised and posted on my Instagram I would like to share with you more of my experiences in the beautiful bluegrass state of Kentucky.

FullSizeRenderAs stated earlier we ventured first to the Makers Mark distillery and OH EM EFFING GEE the property was probably one of the most beautiful I have seen.  Grass was BEYOND green and the glass artwork done by Dale Chihuly (shown below) visually command the same effervescent expression that the bourbon does.  Lets just say that these people are serious about the amazing brand and bourbon that they have created and it shows throughout the entire property.  To the left of this excerpt is myself with the bottle of Makers that I got the chance to dip on my own.  I learned on our tour that only SIX PEOPLE are hired to hand dip Makers Mark bourbon and they are rotated throughout the course of two years.   This fact shows that the craft of keeping their product as handmade as possible is still kept alive which is something I am a huge sucker for, what craftsmanship!  While the people hired for the wax bottle dipping last two years on the job per usual standards I don’t think I would last a minute on this task force but for my standards; my bottle is perfectly imperfect just the way it is.




As I stated (and i’m sure you can get a feeling from the photos) this property was amazing and definitely one that I want to revisit in the near future I hope.  But, onto the next venture, the Buffalo Trace Distillery being equally as fascinating.




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This distillery due to the nature of how many bottles they produce a year was learned that you literally cannot smoke anywhere around the property due to the amount of “Angel Shares” (aka bourbon fumes that are released from the barrel) making the air flammable.  Not, of course, that I was smoking but the SECOND you get on this property you can smell the rack houses and the barrels releasing Angel Shares into the air.  It’s, for lack of better words, intoxicating.  I was not a huge fan of the Buffalo Trace bourbon per say as much as I was Makers Mark but their latest Eagle Rare 10 year old bourbon was phenomenal!

Now, even though most the distilleries are only but a few miles apart you have to travel through the country side of Kentucky to get from one to the next.  This distance is equivalent to driving through the mountains, not a far drive but the 1063770xwinding roads and long pastures to go around make the trip tasking from one to the other so these were the only ones we ventured to on this trip.

However, I would also like to note about another bourbon we tried while out in the city of Bardstown that I thoroughly enjoyed but we unfortunately did not make it to this distillery, the Four Roses Single Barrel.  I could drink this bourbon on the rocks anytime, any day and anywhere so give it a buy next time you’re at the liquor store you wont be let down and have my word on that!

Further views of the trip are photographed below as well as our visit to the ORIGINAL KFC!!!!  Which, let me tell you, no other trip to KFC will suffice after eating at the ORIGINAL ONE! Absolutely amazing!  So while Kentucky might resonate to you however stereotype that you want to think of it I recommend to take a road trip and try some amazing bourbon and get some good fried chicken.  You would be surprised at what you find you may like while there.  Thanks again QC and cheers!




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