Photographer by trade : Socialite by Nature

Megan Dunbar_Online

Hello Beautiful Queen City!

My name is Megan Dunbar and I am a young, creative, photographer living and thriving here in the QC for the past two years and loving every minute of it.  When I sat down and thought to myself about how I could further connect to a community that I have fallen so madly in love with I couldn’t help but think, start a blog!  So I give you my latest venture, CLT Nomad.

The intent and purpose of this blog is to bring my fine art and commercial photography  to light with the latest shoots I come across as well as insights into the social scene of Charlotte each month.  I am super excited to take this new step in my career and hope you enjoy the content as much as I do.

Nomad: “A member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place”

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